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It all starts with understanding your brand’s story.

Every project is a rich canvas, an opportunity to apply media solutions that highlight the character of a brand,

and synchronize your story with your communication strategy – whether the audience is internal or external.

tp bennett: On the Horizon | Diversity

TP bennett has been at the forefront of architecture and design for 100 years, offering cross-sector expertise from a world-class team.

Based in the UK, we produced this video for the global, award-winning firm as a part of their internal, cultural development strategies.

HSBC | Future Fit Programme

HSBC is taking bold steps to reimagine their office spaces as their teams return to a hybrid schedule in the UK.

Listen to a wide range of users’ first-hand accounts in these new spaces and the benefits they are experiencing with hybrid activation.

Trailer: Antwerp International School’s new STEMzone

Previously referred to as ‘the old gym’, tp bennett’s Jane Crowhurst helped reimagine this space on the campus of the Antwerp International School into a welcoming STEMzone.

The result of her design enabled key principles of this International Baccalaureate school to inspire new generations of both learners and teachers.

Reimagining Retail | Nike West London

The design team of tp bennett implemented innovative strategies with the established framework of the Nike brand at their West London location to reimagine retail.

In the end, this new space masterfully blends the singular experience of the Nike shopper with the Nike brand story.

tp bennett | Imagine First

What if….. going to the office felt a little more like this.

The Journey of 1000 Questions

Meet the curious and magical mindset behind one of the award-winning design studios at tp bennett.

Business brings people together. Connecting through design and media brings us even closer.

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